Friday, December 28, 2007

Ice climbing Dracula (WI 4+) and Standard Route (WI 3+), Frankenstein Cliff

A couple of days ago I went back to the Frankenstein Cliff, Crawford Notch, New Hampshire, USA to climb some of the harder ice routes that I had looked at a couple of weeks earlier during the Harvard Mountaineering Ice Intro trip. I drove with Jim Mediatore, a MIT graduate who has sneaked into the Harvard Mountaineering Club :-) It was snowing all day so the drive took 9 hours return which is almost twice the normal time. We thus only had time to climb two pitches of ice! However, it was well worth it as we got to climb two of the areas classic routes: Dracula (WI4+) and Standard Route (Window variation, WI 3+), which are reputed as being some of the best routes of the grade in New England. We certainly had a great time! Have a look of a slideshow of pictures from the day here.

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